Monday, November 14, 2011

Six Months of Updates

Wow. May 7. That's a long time for me not to update this thing.

What's been happening that has kept me from blogging? Well, pretty much everything under the sun. Let's face it, it's kind of pointless to update this thing when no one is reading it. That's not your fault, dear stranger or friend who is checking his links to see if Waye's World is finally dead. It's mine. Content is king on the Internet, and I haven't provided it on a regular basis. My bad.

Instead of beating the I-promise-I-will-update-more-often dead horse, I will say this: I intend to keep this thing active, mainly because it's like a journal of my life from 2003 onward. And as long as Blogger or Blogspot or whoever the hell controls this account allows it to remain alive, I will post here occasionally. Might be tomorrow, might be in May of 2013. But I will never stop posting.

Now, what has happened in my life since May 7th? Let me open my calendar:

May 30-June 3 - Staycation at my house. Loved it. Needed it. Did very little during it. I did manage to watch some old-school movies I'd never seen, though. There's nothing like a vacation to give you an excuse to tackle The Seventh Seal. (Which was excellent, by the way.)

June 14 - Saw Ray LaMontagne at The Lawn at White River State Park. Great show. The vibe was laid-back and peaceful. And, yeah, I probably got a contact high while I was there. I'd see him again for sure.

July 5 - Took a trip to Chicago to see U2. I'm not going to lie: I expected more. I've only seen them one other time, in 2001, and they kicked ass. This time their stage was huge and the grandness of it overbalanced the band themselves. Plus, Bono is a jackass. Great night for an outdoor show, though.

July 7 - I turned 38. Yay for me.

July 24-25 - I held auditions for the next show I was directing, Steel Magnolias. Lots of talented people turned out. It was difficult honing it down to six women, but I did it.

July 31 - Steel Magnolias rehearsals began. I loved the women, but they drove each other crazy. And me, at times. Let's just say it was a positive but frustrating experience.

August 7 - Saw Neko Case and My Morning Jacket at The Lawn. Yet another great show, although this is the third time I've seen Neko and I'm getting a bit tired of hearing all the same tunes over and over again. MMJ was fantastic. I will be seeing them again in the future for sure.

September 13 - I was supposed to see Wilco, but I had to skip it thanks to the state of Steel Magnolias. Lesson learned: Never buy concert tickets during the rehearsal process. Even if you think you'll be able to get the night off, you probably won't. C'est la vie.

September 16 - Steel Magnolias opened. About 150 people saw it the first weekend, 180 saw it the second. A lot of people raved about it. I consider that a hit.

September 20 - I started rehearsals for my next show, Lying in State, which a friend asked me to do at Epilogue Players in Indianapolis. It had been awhile since I had been onstage, so why not? Breaks are for whimps.

September 26 - Saw Elvis Costello at The Murat. Best show of the year. He did a great mix of new and old, including one of my all-time EC favorites, "Mystery Dance." Love that song.

September 30 - Saw Stuffed and Unstrung, the Jim Henson Company's puppet improvisation group, at Clowes Memorial Hall. The show was like any other improv show: There were some hilarious bits and some bits that just fell flat. Still, Muppets. Swearing ones, at that. (Plus, it made me think: I could do that...)

September 3-7 - Another staycation, all though this time I helped my Dad paint my house. OK, he painted 94% of it, but I still helped.

September 22 - My Mom was seeing Huey Lewis and the News with some friends. One of my Mom's friends dropped out. I got to see Huey Lewis for free. And I've been listening to "Heart and Soul" a lot ever since. What a great, underrated song.

September 24 - I attended my first Encore Awards, the annual local community theatre awards show. The Christmas show I was in last December - Every Chrstmas Story Ever Told (And Then Some) - was up for five awards, including one for Best Comedy and Best Ensemble. We performed at the show to a lot of laughs...and we lost every award we were nominated for, further proving my theory that award shows for artistic endeavors are a waste of time. I'm a sore loser, I guess.

November 4 - Lying in State opened. Audiences were quiet the first weekend, but this past weekend they were loud and raucous. We got a mediocre review on a local community theatre website - although I was praised as one of the stronger elements of the show - which has been a bone of contention among the cast. A review's a review. It didn't really bother me. (Of course, I was prasied in it, which might have helped.)

And that brings us up to date. I lead a busy life. Now can you understand why I haven't posted on here in six months?