Saturday, May 07, 2011

Shuffle Off, Buffalo

I've reached the end of another show: Moon over Buffalo closes tonight. It's been a great run and audiences have really enjoyed it, so I'm calling it a great success. Everything came together: The show is perfectly cast, with each actor fitting their part to a "t." The set looks like I envisioned it in my head, like the backstage area of The Muppet Show. The costumes are fantastic and look great on everyone. The production aspect has been smooth with very few bumps or conflicts. And the directing...well, the directing is flawless.

That said, I will be glad when it is all over. Participating in shows is my hobby and it's an all-consuming one. Between work and Moon over Buffalo, I feel like I haven't spent any major time at home in weeks. Things like laundry and house cleaning have been neglected. I've managed to see about one new film a week, not an average I like. And my yard...oh, my poor yard. Every night I've had free it's been raining, so my yard has been especially neglected. I finally mowed the whole thing this afternoon - up to now I've only had the chance to do it in chunks - so now it finally doesn't look like an eyesore. I will do shows until the day I die, but I won't lie and say that the time off between shows is just as nice. There will be some sadness tonight at the final cast party, but I guarantee you as I'm driving home it will be like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders.

And then I can start planning on the next one: Steel Magnolias, which I'm also directing and which debuts in September.

So I will miss you after the show closes tonight, Moon over Buffalo. You've given me a lot of laughs over the past seven weeks. And the people I met - and the friends I got to spend more time with - while in your presence makes me happy. But I will also be glad that if we need to visit each other sometime in the future, we'll have to do it on DVD. And I'm OK with that.