Saturday, October 06, 2007


I had dinner tonight with some friends at Cancun, a local Mexican restaurant, before we went to see a show. I ordered the Cancun Burrito, a "customer favorite" as promised on the menu. The rest of the group ordered your typical Mexican dishes: enchilladas, soft tacos, fajitas, etc. When we all got our food, I looked at everyone's entree and made an interesting discovery: every meal was pretty much the same thing.

You take some meat. You wrap it in a tortilla. You drizzle some red sauce on top. You add generous side portions of rice and refried beans. And that's pretty much describes how you would prepare every entree at Cancun Mexican Restaurant. Oh, sure, the soft taco was served open and without the sauce, but it's still the same idea. It kind of surprised me when they brought the food to the table and actually asked us who had what items. Because it really didn't matter.

Here's the kicker: all these items were priced differently. I love Mexican food, but it's kind of a scam. Love the chips and salsa, though.

The show we saw was The Dining Room at the Belfry in Noblesville. It was funny, a series of vignettes set in different dining rooms of wealthy people. I say "wealthy people" because every skit had a maid or a cook or a servant that would pop in, make some jokes, and leave. For a play that advertises the power of evoking everyone's favorite dining room memories, it sure didn't do that for me. Because I never had a maid or a cook or a servant in the various dining rooms of my past.

And what is a favorite dining room memory, anyway? Like the play said - repeatedly - no one really uses the dining room for anything other than Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners. Well, to be honest, I do have a favorite dining room memory. That would be when my parent's dog was a puppy and she decided that the best way to get outside was to dig a hole beneath the dining room table. Apparently she destroyed the carpet before realizing that this was not possible. I could pretty much bet that that incident doesn't qualify as either of my parent's favorite dining room memory, but it takes the cake for me.

Thursday, October 04, 2007

Long Time Coming

Hey there, everyone. It's been...awhile. Three months, easily the longest I've gone without updating this thing. I've been busy. A standard excuse, yes, but still a valid one.

What's new? Not much. Highlights:

On Golden Pond rehearsed, opened and closed all since my last post. It was a good show, at least that's what they tell me. Between rehearsals and performances I saw it so many times that I kind of lost my objectivity. Assistant directing was a good time, although I could do without fixing some of the backstage drama. Actors.

I'm subbing for a show in Hillsboro called It Ain't OK at the OK Corral. Yeah, I know. They needed my help and I agreed to do it since I had the time. Hey, I get to make the funny, which is what I do best.

Follies is in full swing. I'm playing a band director. Who sings "Brown Eyed Girl". Come see that one.

I saw Genesis in Columbus, OH, a few weeks ago. The show wasn't bad, a great mix of their eclectic stuff and pop stuff. Nothing from Abacab, though, which pissed me off. No "Who Dunnit?" or "Dodo/Lurker"? Bastards. My favorite moment from the show was "Follow You, Follow Me." Nowhere near my favorite Genesis song, but for some reason it struck a chord with me that evening. Phil was on drums, the song was nicely done, and the visuals were awesome. Below is a performance of the song from Dusseldorf.

Other than that, it's been pretty quiet. The goal is to start updating this thing more frequently, so I beg my three readers to stop back soon. Well, give me a week. Or a month. Only time will tell, right?