Sunday, October 23, 2005

Breakfast + Lunch = Brunch

I went out for breakfast today. Well, technically it was brunch, but I ate breakfast stuff, so I consider it breakfast.

(Side note: Who came up with brunch? Like there needed to be an additional meal between breakfast and lunch. The whole idea of "brunch" is just absurd to me, especially since brunch-ers usually skip breakfast so they'll be hungry come 10 a.m. Screw all that, man. Breakfast is breakfast, no matter what fancy label you give it.)

I don't go out for breakfast very often, so I always consider it a rare treat when I do. Since 99.9% of the time my breakfast consists of cold cereal - Corn Pops, baby!!! - it's always nice to eat something warm that you didn't make yourself. We were at Denny's, and I briefly considered ordering a Moons Over My Hammy sandwich, but then I remembered the Great St. Louis Egg Sandwich Debacle from 1983 and decided against doing that. (For those not in the know, when my family was on vacation in St. Louis in 1983, I ordered what had to be the nastiest egg sandwich ever made. Because of that gag-inducing experience, egg sandwiches have been permanently removed from my personal menu.) Toast came with my omlet, and I selected sourdough as my bread choice. Why sourdough? Because white toast and wheat toast are easily found in my home. When do I have sourdough bread just lying around, begging to be toasted? That's right, never! Bring it, Denny's waitress!

There was a purpose to the meal: A group of us from Follies met to work on the show. I admit that maybe we did more talking than working, but hey, it was good times. And besides, Katie gave me the rest of her pancakes when she could eat no more. I counted them as my lunch.

What would you call a meal between lunch and dinner? "C'mon kids, we're meeting Grandma for linner at Don Pablo's!"

Saturday, October 22, 2005

Long Live Goody Stout

At least three people have written me in the past week, asking why I haven't updated this thing in awhile. My answer? I don't really have one. I'll use the standard "I was busy" excuse. Sorry about that. Won't happen again.

Tonight was my final Harvest of Hits performance. I actually finished the show Tuesday, but Bad Actor Guy convieniently got "sick" and couldn't do Thursday afternoon's show. I didn't find out for sure that he wasn't going to be there that day until 8:15 that morning, which meant I had to frantically call my boss and beg him to let me use a personal day so I could perform. Anyway, Brian, the new artistic director, decided that that was the final straw for Bad Actor Guy, so he called his ass and fired him. Hence why I performed the show tonight when I wasn't supposed to. But that's alright, it's over and done with now. Thank God.

I saw Good Luck and Good Night this afternoon and didn't much care for it. It was a frustrating experience: a boring film with a compelling subject matter. The movie may as well have been called News Guys in the Fifties Smoked a Lot, because that's pretty much all that happened. Skip it.

Thursday, October 06, 2005

Ready? OK.

It's United Way week here at work, which means there's been no shortage of junk food around. Monday was Taco Day ($2 a Taco!!!), yesterday was Pizza Day ($2 a Slice!!!) and today is Cookie Bake-Off Day (A Quarter a Cookie!!!). I'm all for giving to charity, but do we have to do so at the expense of my waistline?

This year's theme is Homecoming Week, which you think would lead to Beer Day or Riot Day, but you'd be wrong. A co-worker and I were recruited - without our permission - to be the library's official cheerleaders. Christy and I have had to walk around the building all week long, pom poms in hand, delivering cheers to unsuspecting co-workers (Send a Cheer to Someone for $3!!!). Our favorite cheer was:

2 bits, 4 bits, 6 bits, a dollar.
All for _______ (recipient's name), stand up and holler!!!

We used that one a lot because it was short and the least humiliating. Usually the person on the receiving end of the cheer would just look at us like we were crazy as we were performing it. Which, I guess, we were.

By the way, cheering is how I gave to United Way. By making idiots of ourselves, we raised over $100. That, and the money I've spent eating tacos, cookies and pizza this week should be enough to send some poor kid to college.

I've been trying for years to get them to rename the week United Waye Week and just give me the money when all is said and done, but no one wants to do that. I told them I'd distribute the money evenly among all the Wayes, but they're not into that idea.

Monday, October 03, 2005

Nearly One Week

I was on vacation the latter part of last week, which explains the lack of updates. Also, my boss saw me updating last week and immediately knew what I was doing, which means I won't be posting to the blog at work anymore. Which could mean less posts overall. Which could mean that you all might have to start hounding me again to post regularly. I hope it doesn't come to that. Really, because the cries of "When are you updating your blog?!?!?" make me feel guilty.

So what happened while I was on vacation? Let's take a look:

WEDNESDAY - I finally got to perform A Harvest of Hits for its intended audience: old people on cheap bus trips. I enjoyed it until the end, when I had to shake each and every one of their hands as they were leaving. I was fine until I had to grasp the hand of a lady who had just finished picking her ear. According to the herd, it was a "good show" and I am "very talented." But really, what else are they going to say? Unbeknownst to me, the actors were supposed to go on the bus after the old people had been loaded and buckled in. All four of us were in there and it was a bit uncomfortable. I believe both groups were thinking, "Leave already!!!" Which I happily did: I was the first off the bus, much to the chagrin of the owner of the theatre. Isn't shaking their ear goober hands enough? Do I really need to act like I'm going home with them as well?

THURSDAY - My sister has been staying with my parents for a few weeks. I decided to spend the night at their house, both so I could spend more time with my niece and nephew - and my sister, of course - but also so Val and I could have our regular Degrassithon. That involves watching old episodes of Degrassi Junior High, the late 80's teen series, and making smart-ass comments about the plots and characters. Because the kids wouldn't fall asleep at their normal time, we didn't get started until later and both of us were pretty wiped out. Our Degrassithon involved a lot of fading in and out of conciousness, occasionally making a snarky comment about someone's Canadian accent or choice of headband. The DVD did have this fascinating bonus episode about teen sexuality that was like looking at the carnage of an overturned semi-trailer full of leg warmers. Wow, did we really dress like that in 1987-1993? How could we put on clothes like that and style our hair like that and not look in the mirror and scream in horror?

FRIDAY - I woke up on my parent's couch, blanket on top of me, golden retriever laying by my side. And because of that, my sinuses were pissed. I couldn't stop sneezing and, in depseration, took a couple of Benadryl that I found in the medicine cabinet. I probably should have looked at the expiration date prior to ingesting them, because I found out later that they were six months our of date. Because the dog and her dander just weren't letting up, I left their house a bit earlier than expected. Unfortunately, the Benadryl kicked in on the way home and I had to fight passing out. Literally, I was trying everything I could think of to stay awake. Slapping myself, singing loudly, naming the states, whatever. I made it home safely and passed out.

Three hours later, I had to get up to head back to Hillsboro. Another show, this time for the audience I'm used to: thirty or so scattered individuals, all of whom are freaked out that they're part of a very small audience and, because of that, refuse to give a damn. Ah, that's more like it! As usual, we, the cast, were yelled at during intermission for the non-responding audience. Never mind the fact that it's hard to pick up the energy when the room's as dead as Bob Hope.

One of the actors quit the show Saturday night. He's going to school in New York and foolishly registered for Fall classes even though he knew he was in a show until late October. So he's gone. Maybe. I don't know. They're trying to get him to stay, but I don't see that happening. Which means I'll have to play his role for the rest of the run. I don't mind that, but I've only done it a few times and am not as comfortable with that character. So I get to feel awkward for the rest of the run. Not to mention I have to work with Bad Actor Guy after all that crap that went on a few weeks ago when he hijacked the show. I seriously cannot wait to turn in my harvest of hits and put this show behind me.

SATURDAY - I did absolutely nothing. The show was cancelled because no one reserved tickets, so I stayed home. I did see A History of Violence Saturday afternoon, which I liked. The film got caught in the projector and burned up five minutes before it was supposed to end, the first time I think that's happened in my entire moviegoing life. I didn't mind; I got a free movie pass out of it.

SUNDAY - Lebanon Follies rehearsal. For those I haven't told, it's a game show, and I'm playing the host. Please, come see this one if you're thinking of seeing me in a variety show. Because a) it's closer, and b) it won't cost you $30 to get inside and another $30 in gas to get there.

After rehearsal I went to a Plaza Suite DVD viewing party. Many of my former cast members wanted my blog address, so I gave it to them. Welcome, Plaza Suite guys! It was interesting watching myself. After getting over the initial shock of it all - good God, do I look and sound like that?!?!? - I was actually quite pleased with my performance. I wouldn't win a Tony - or even an Encore Award - for the performance, but I think what I did worked.

Today I went back to work. Caught up on stuff. Back to the old grind. Only minus the blog updates.