Wednesday, October 13, 2004

So, it's been three weeks. Here's why I haven't been blogging:

Reason #1 - The big one: Charlotte's Web. If you add in the late rehearsals and the performances - not to mention the cast parties and bar visits afterward - you can see why the blog has taken a back seat. The show is going well, by the way. We've really jelled as a cast and I think you can see that onstage. We joke around constantly, sometimes taking things a a bit too far. During last Saturday night's performance, Matt and Deb, playing the Gander and the Goose, decided to yell "AFLAC!!!" instead of making their usual honking sounds. No one broke character, but, damn, you could seriously see all of us biting our tounges, trying not to laugh. Seriously, "AFLAC!!!"? In Charlotte's Web? Hilarity. (Although I'm sure E.B. White is spinning in his grave.)

Reason #2 - Val and Bianca are in town. They've been visiting the past few weeks and I used some vacation time to see them. Bianca's cute as ever and is talking up a storm. I taught her to say "Dude".

Reason #3 - The Follies. OK, this one hasn't taken up much of my time yet, but it probably will soon. I just want everyone to be aware of that when the blog enters another hybernatic state.

Reason #4 - Laziness. Really, that's all it is sometimes. Sue me.

Reason #5 - My desire to listen to music late at night, even though I know it will eventually put me to sleep. Damn you R.E.M.!

Reason #6 - Kroger. As in: "Do I update the blog or have lunch for tomorrow? Lunch!"

Reason #7 - Netflix. They keep sending me movies in the mail, and I just have to watch them.

Today was relatively quiet. I went to the Fishers Library - gasp, the competition! - this evening because I wanted to find a new book to read and every single thing I looked for at work was checked out. I settled on two choices: Peter Biskind's Down and Dirty Pictures, a look at the rise and supposed fall of Miramax, and 1001 Movies You Must See Before You Die. I haven't done an official count, but I bet I've seen at least 50% of the titles. There are some glaring omissions: Both Ishtar and Xanadu are missing. Don't they know that Gene Kelley on roller skates equals cinematic gold?