Saturday, May 29, 2004

Spent the day in Bluffton, IN. Dawn and Jeremy had a big wedding reception at Ouabache State Park. It was nice event, although I was a tad underdressed. I was told by the bride that, since they had the big ceremony a few weeks ago, this party was very casual and relaxed. "Hey, it's at a state park," she told me, "people will be hiking and stuff." So I took her advice and wore shorts. Halfway there I thought, "You know, maybe I should have at least worn some pants. It is a wedding reception, after all." But I shrugged it off. So I pull up to the lodge. And the first thing I see is a guy walking around in a suit. A closer examination revealed that others were there in various states of their Sunday best. And me? Shorts. I didn't go into the lodge at first; instead I tracked down my friends Lindsey and Josh - who, I might add, were rocking the business casual - and chatted with them by the lake, delaying my inevitable entry into the lodge. Eventually I entered to the stares of all of Dawn and Jeremy's immediate family. All I could hear were the statements that were probably going through their heads: "Dude, put some clothes on!" "Where's his pants?" "How disrespectful, wearing shorts to a wedding reception." "I wonder if there are any more of those cupcakes left." To top it all off, Dawn, Ms. Just-Dress-Casually, was wearing her freaking wedding dress. And Jeremy? His tux. I joked with Dawn about it and, to be fair, she reassured me that it was OK, but it still didn't help the fact that I felt naked. Thankfully, about ten minutes after I got there, another coworker and her husband arrived, dressed very similarly - and having the same issues - as me. Now all of Dawn and Jeremy's relatives must think that librarians are slobs.

Those cupcakes were good, by the way.

Tonight I mowed the lawn. I would have done it last night, but the ChemLawn guy did his thing yesterday and told me not to mow it for at least 24 hours. According to his diagnosis, my lawn is "pale and weedy". It is a bit pale, I'll give him that, but I disagree with that weedy statement. Sure, I have a few dandelions, but who doesn't? (Other than that guy down the street with the perfect lawn, the ass.) And if my lawn is weedy, isn't that why the ChemLawn guy is there? Make it non-weedy, Mr. ChemLawn!

You know, I don't mind mowing. Oh, sure, it's a bitch to get the edges of the house, but I enjoy doing it. I'm not sure it looks that great, but give me a break, this is the first yard I've ever taken care of. Which would explain why it's pale and weedy.

Sunday, May 23, 2004

Well, I'm done. Play's finished. My life is back to normal.

First, the great news: I won the ticket contest!!! That's right, the $50 gift certificate to St. Elmo's is mine! Of course, that will probably only pay for half my dinner, but half is better than nothing. Finally gives me a reason to go there. (Too bad their specialty dish is shrimp cocktail. Can't stand shrimp, so I won't be getting that.)

We did the final show this afternoon, followed by a three hour strike "party", which basically meant that we were cheap manual labor. The set consisted of three houses, all with balconies, and it was fun to get in there and rip it all apart. (Of course, some goofing off was done as well. Hey, it was the last time we were going to see each other.) Then we had pizza and went home.

Well, some of us went home. I stuck around and chatted with five of my other castmates for awhile. We were outside by the side entrance doors when it began to sprinkle. So we moved to the front of the building, which is basically a long porch with a roof over it. It began raining after that, but we had shelter, so we thought we were fine. But then all hell broke loose. A major storm ripped through the area and we, stuck in the middle of nowhere outside a locked theatre, all crouched together in a corner by the main doors, praying for our survival. Believe me, it was five minutes of pure terror. Lightning was striking all around us, the power went out so we were in complete darkness, winds were sending tree branches hurtling into the street, and the rain was coming down so fast and heavy that, thanks to the wind, we were getting soaked even though we were huddled in the deepest corner of the porch. All I could think of were the potential headlines: SIX FORUM CAST MEMBERS KILLED IN FREAK STORM. And the subheading: "No one knows why they were outside." (Answer: None of us felt like going anywhere and it was a nice night when we made the decision to stick around. Plus all of us were broke and didn't want to spend any money on drinks.) And then, just as quickly as it began, it stopped. And we were all fine. We all agreed that we now share a special bond, having gone through a near-death experience like that.

I hadn't had a chance to put the gift certificate in the car when the storm hit, so I was holding onto that thing for dear life while nearly dying. No way was a tiny little storm like that one taking away my opportunity to go to St. Elmo's.

Many have been asking what my next show will be. I have some ideas, but nothing is set in stone yet. Stay tuned to the blog for more deatils as they come...

Wednesday, May 19, 2004

Good God, I've been gone so long they've changed the template for updating your blog. It's still the same concept - my thoughts in a window - but it looks different. Strange things can happen due to the passage of time.

So, I'm back. The show is quickly coming to a close, which means my life will soon return to normal. It's been a hectic two months, what with rehearsal nearly every night, but I'd be lying if I said I didn't love every minute of it. I've had a blast and will miss everyone once we wrap.

I want to thank everyone who has shown their support for my entry into the theatre world. It really does mean a lot to know that I have friends in the audience solely because I'm a cast member. I know I didn't have much to do, but just knowing you were out there energized me. I thank you all.

Oh, and I'm currently winning the ticket selling contest, so I must thank you all for that as well. The prize has been upgraded from a paltry gift card to the Lawrence Subway to a $50 gift certificate to St. Elmo's Steakhouse. I've heard rumors that some former high school students are still working at St. Elmo's. Perhaps I will bump into them as I'm cashing in my winnings.

It really does pain me that I haven't been updating this blog thoughout the entire rehearsal process, as it would have been cool to look back on it in a day-to-day format and see how the show came about. I am planning on auditioning for another show, so I can always try to accomplish that project next time.

And you, my loyal blog readers, can rest easily knowing that, no, I haven't given up on Waye's World. It's still alive and well, although it's been on life support for the past six weeks. But I'm here to say that the prognosis is good and that she's been given a thumbs up by her doctors, meaning she'll make a quick and full recovery. In other words, updates will be more frequent.

Now, onto what you've all been patiently checking the site for: Daily Updates!

Val, Kristoff and Bianca came to visit me today. (I'm on vacation this week, relaxing at home.) Since Val has supplied me with a few cows every Christmas, I actually had some toys for Bianca to play with. She also got to play with a ball I bought for Lizzie that's been living at my house temporarily. (I was told to keep it until the Cortez family left, lest Lizzie and Bianca get into a fight over it.) We even had time for a trip to Coldstone. Of course, in my opinion there's always time for a trip to Coldstone. (For the record, I had chocolate ice cream with an Oreo cookie mixed in.)

For dinner we met Mom and Dad at Arni's to celebrate my father's birthday. (Note to Andie: Albino Girl wasn't there. I'm guessing she's long gone.) Good food, as always. The place needs a serious facelift, though. The family dining area isn't bad with the bike theme, but the bar - with cardboard cutouts of 1986 celebrities - needs to be gutted. Half of the "celebrities" aren't even in the public eye anymore.

So, again, I'm vowing to return to the world of blogging with a vengeance, so please check back often. I understand if you don't believe me and only want to check once a week at first. My last update was a month ago, so I can feel your pain.